Welcome to the nethtc.net Personal Webspace support site! In these pages we hope you will find all the information you will need to create and maintain your personal webspace. Keep this page handy for when you have questions about creating your presence out on the World Wide Web!

Look here for the settings for your ftp client or web developement program.
Browse through Frequently Asked Questions that other customers have posed.
How-to's and what-you-need's for getting your site to our servers.
Information on CGI, Image Mapping, and Installing a Counter.
Tools to manage your site - disk space used and other statistics, as well as other online reference materials.

Now it's up to you to build your web site. You can find many tutorials on the web for html or for your favorite web design program.  You can download and install templates or Javascript modules. You can post pictures or just keep an online diary.

Thanks for using us for your new website, we look forward to seeing it.