Cost of Service

800 (Travel) Dialup Internet access is available directly from Hospers Telephone Company. Two different scenarios are available for this service. If you have a Hospers Telephone Company dialup account for normal home or business use you will be billed 8 cents a minute for service anywhere in the Continental United States. If you choose to use the service as a "stand-alone" product you will be billed $5.00 a month plus 8 cents a minute for use of the service.

This product is perfect for Hospers Telephone Company users that spend the winter in warmer climates. If you are a "Snow-Bird" heading south every year you can convert your dialup account to a "Standalone" 800 (Travel) Internet account and keep your email address, and continue to use it if you wish!


800 (Travel) Internet Access Fee Setup Fee
With normal Local Dialup Service $ 0.08 / minute NONE!
Without normal Local Dialup Access $ 5.00 a month plus $ 0.08 / minute! NONE!

  • To add 800 (Travel) Internet to your existing Hospers Telephone Company dialup account call Hospers Telephone Company Tech Support at 1-800-205-1110, have your primary email account information ready so Tech Support can apply the service to the proper account.
  • In order to safeguard against accidental connection time, we implement a 6 hour maximum continuous connect time limit. Once you reach 6 hours, you will need to re-start your connection.
    You may re-connect as many times as you like.

Also feel free to contact us directly at 800-546-6587 (800-5HOOKUP) or for information.

Please note: Hospers Telephone Company is a dynamic and expanding service. Services, availability, and pricing are all subject to change.